Locations and Profiles

Location Services will easily locate the nearest store via GPS technology and route you to that location. Profiles of each location will show the address, hours, and amenities. 

Gas Prices

Gas prices are listed in real time and can showcase gas pricing tiers for each individual location. 

Mobile Payment and POS Integration

We can integrate with Verifone Commander, Gilbarco Passport, and NCR

Integration with Loyalty and Rewards Platform

Zingon will support 3ed party integration from Kickback Point, Excentus, FIS, Paytronics or any other loyalty company. Zingon also has its own platform. 

Grab and Go Self Checkout

Grab a sandwich and scan your mobile app for an ACH transaction and leave the store. This is true Convenience. 


We offer real time reporting from Google Analytics and our own back office reporting system.

Custom Apps 

Zingon builds custom apps at a “template” price.  We help you manage the mobile channel to support all your marketing efforts. We can work with vendors to push promotions and reach customers on their mobile devices. When we build you an app, we use a toolset which allows us to save time and deliver exactly what you want at about 15% of the cost paid by the big chains for the same app. You want your own app.  Your design.  Your features.  Your CX.  Not a loyalty company’s app.  Or a payment company’s app.  You don’t want to be tied to a company’s template or their timetable for building out new features.  Don’t get fooled by hearing, “We can give you an app free.”  You get what you pay for. You don’t have to use Zingon Rewards. Our mobile app will interface with all vendor platforms.  We will work with your POS on mobile wallets or ACH.  We are agnostic when it comes to using API’s from other suppliers. We are your mobile channel experts.  We work with all your vendors like Altria or Monster or Miller.Coors to secure additional funding to target customers via mobile devices.

Mobile Payment and Wallets

Many C stores offer ACH payment for fuel discounts.  We can easily add ACH payment to the mobile app for pump and in store sales.   Sometimes, there is a charge by the POS company for their interface.  Turn the pump on using GPS technology and fill up your tank without ever taking a credit card out.  Zingon has it’s own ACH payment platform with channel partners or we can use a third party like Zipline. Wallets can be used for payment (other than the pump).  We accept MC, Visa, Discover, Chase Pay and others for pre-payment on remote ordering, using the app.

Remote Ordering for Food or C Store Items

Order right from your app. Pick the location, customize your order, choose pick up time, and then click submit all while paying with your mobile wallet. After much research, we built the best features for mobile app ordering in the industry.   Things like a customer friendly UI and one swipe re-ordering, make our app the one your customers will reach for when they are in a hurry. We offer both fresh food ordering and limited store items.  It’s all easily managed from the back office.   Payment is received before you process the order.


Zingon has its own rewards platform, licensed from a company who has built the most robust features we could find.  We offer points, clubs, instant discounts, fuel discounts and more. Most importantly, Zingon will work with you to establish the best program for your market.  You may not be the expert on loyalty programs, so we can show you what works in other markets.  We will build an extensive ROI model and change variables until we have a starting point. Over time, we will help you modify your reward offers, to maximize the value to your customers and bring you the more transactions and a higher margin. Zingon also works with other rewards companies.   You may already have program but want add a robust mobile app.  We will work with you for the best end result.